P&G Korea launches premium diaper to combat skin dryness

뉴스 2023-12-09 10:56:12 18

P&G Korea, the South Korean unit of the global consumer goods maker Proctor & Gamble, said Thursday that its Pampers diaper brand recently launched its latest premium diaper product, in a bid to prevent skin dryness for babies during in-between seasons.

Named the "Pampers Touch of Nature Pants," the diaper, launched on Oct. 2, features a premium cotton-layered outer cover to prevent skin irritation.

The diaper is also equipped with an absorption layer, which incorporates Pampers' unique technology that allows for the diaper to quickly absorb any dampness and maintain dryness for up to 12 hours.

"The product has gone through various hypoallergenic tests and has been reviewed by the Skin Health Alliance for safety approval," said an official from P&G Korea. SHA is a UK-based skin accreditation body which provides skin safety reviews.

"The product also is scent-free, and has not been treated with chemicals such as paraben and benzyl benzoate during the manufacturing process in order to minimize exposing babies' skin to harmful chemical products," she added.

According to P&G Korea, the product was also made via sustainable methods. Under a goal to replace 50 percent of the raw materials used for its goods with sustainable materials by 2030, P&G Korea said it is currently producing all its Pampers products in production facilities that is generated by 100 percent renewable power. The company added that Pampers currently also uses 100 percent recyclable packaging, in a bid to reduce waste.




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