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Zerobaseone’s second EP sold over 1.45 million copies on the day of release, becoming the rookie band’s second million-selling album, said agency WakeOne Entertainment on Tuesday.

EP “Melting Point” was released Monday and sold over a million on the day, as did its debut album “Youth In The Shade” in July. The first EP sold more than 1.24 million units on the first day, making the nine-member act the first K-pop musician to sell over a million of debut album, and went on the record 2 million in sales so far.

The second mini album received more than 1.7 million pre-orders and is fronted by “Crush.” Accompanied by a strong choreography, the lead single sings of the bandmates’ vow to take care of their fans even though they might feel down.


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Actors, musicians unite for Hakchon Theater's closing act

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