Child hurt after angry dad pushes the swing too hard

부모와 아이 2023-12-09 10:58:04 486

A man has been booked for child abuse after security footage showed him pushing a small child on a swing too hard, causing her to fall off, suffering abrasions.

The man was her father, apparently angered after a fight with his wife, Channel A reported Monday evening. A neighbor who saw them at a playground of an apartment complex in Gangseo-gu, Seoul, on Oct. 24 reported the incident to the police.

In the footage broadcast by the cable network, the toddler is shown sitting on a swing alone. A man comes and roughly pulls the swing backward, making her lose balance and she slides to the ground.

When she gets back on the swing, he pushes her high above his head, and as the swing falls back, she is flung about 3 meters behind, narrowly missing a metal bar.

He picks her up and hands her over to a woman who approaches.

The witness said he heard the couple argue, and the dad was apparently very angry when he approached his child on the swing, the report said.




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